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Migraine averted.

I am grateful for hot water and frozen corn.

More time over here now

Remember the days when we gathered here, didn't talk about politics, and just wrote ridiculous amounts of fanfics.

I wanna go back to those days.

I gotta leave FB alone - I haven't been this tired in forever and I think I know what's to blame.

Time to reinstate my paid account.

In tears on my birthday

I am getting SO DONE with my school division.

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A New Piece of Writing

I'm writing a bit more. This time with a Hades/Persephone bent. It's going to be a series of chapters from Persephone's perspective, of her time line meeting Hades (Aidoneus). Modern AU

I'm keeping MOST of the Greek Pantheon names, but I'm changing up some of the mythological relationships and timelines. Obviously, I'm avoiding the out-and-out incest. I feel when writing within the traditional structure of Greek Mythology you can keep the lines intact - because dealing with deities is not the same as dealing with people. However, when writing Modern AU we have to adapt because incest is not cool. So in this tale, Zeus has a raging dick, Hades/Aidoneus is cast as the baby brother of Zeus's BFF Poseidon (so like a brother to Zeus but not his ACTUAL brother) and the age difference between Hades/Persephone is around 17 years. In the myths, Hades and Persephone were the eldest of their respective generations. Here, they are youngest.

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40 days of (no) rain

It is 38C.
That's 100.4F.

40 days of no rain.
They are now saying the forest fires in the north might not stop until the snow flies.

That's usually late October folks.


Ze Clarinet, she made it!

My clarinet is safely in the hands of the technician.


Now, let's hope there are no major cracks and it's just a simple $500 overhaul :S

*ducks in*

Hello again.

Miss me?

*ducks in, waves*

Hello beauties.

*ducks back out again*

I am truly blessed

A lot of my friends really seem to have complicated relationships with their moms.

I'm not ashamed to admit this is foreign to me.

My mom and I have a great relationship. I'm not going to go into detail, but it's the kind of one where I can live on her couch in what is technically a bachelor suite (her bedroom has no door) for a year and we haven't killed each other. So far. I hope it keeps going.

I'm not saying that this year hasn't been easy. A lot of it has to do with my head-space; I'm really not happy being nearly 30 (oh, let's just say 30...6 weeks is a fucking technicality at this point), under employed, massively in debt, and living with my mom. In REALLY close quarters. We've snipped and bitched at one another, but it's come out clean and I am grateful for that.

I really do feel blessed to have that relationship. Where we read each other's minds and have sixteen million inside jokes. And I don't take it for granted; I'm terrified of the thought of not having my mom around. It's why I nag on her to take her pills, and we're going to the gym and stuff.

I <3 my mom. And I am happy that she is my mom.

Now...my relationship with my dad...yeah. Let's not.