Still Seeking my Heart's Desire

The Duchess of Mayhem at your service.

31 August 1983
Once upon a time I was wind_dork, a fun loving university student in pursuit of a B.Ed/B.Mus degree at the University of Saskatchewan. However, I convocated with said double degree and then went on the hunt for a job. This led me to come to England. I wound up in a lovely town called Lowestoft, and set upon using my degree to do what I wanted to do.

However....all that glitters is not gold.

In that time I had been teacherlady_uk. Then I shortened it because my short tenure in the UK left me on stress leave from my job and battling depression.

So, I went back to Saskatchewan, but with my head held high in that I tried my best to do a job that had been deemed impossible (four music teachers in five years).

Now I find myself in the Wilds of Canada (also know as High Level, AB) trying to be a full time music teacher again. Here's hoping that I'm also two years wiser. The job here is good - it's teaching as it should be, with bad days and good days. But it is remote, perhaps too remote...

Music Teacher. Libertarian. Fiber Whore. Geek.